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Book List For Conscious Breathing

1. Rebirthing In The New Age, Leonard Orr and Sondra Ray. 1983

2. Birth and Relationships, Bob Mandel. 1987

3. Rebirthing, Deike Begg, 1999.

4. Healing Disease With Rebirthing, Pauline Avis and David McNab. 1999

5. Kundalini And The Charkras, Geneiveve Lewis Paulson. 1995. (A great book for
understanding the mental aspects and symptoms of releasing negativity and unwanted unconscious material.)

6. Celebration Of Breath, Sondra Ray, 1983.

7. How To Be Chic Fabulous And Live Forever, Sondra Ray, 1985.

8. Healing With Sondra Ray, Sondra Ray, 1996

9. Stalking The Wild Pendulum, Itzak Bentov, 1977. (Excellent Book For understanding the scientific aspects of working with energy.

10. Birth Without Violence, Frederick LeBoyer. 1995.

11. Breaking The Death Habit , Leonard Orr.1998. All of Leonard Orrs Book are available through the University Press, as well as trainings to become a Conscious Breathing Teacher. RBI P.O. 1026, Staunton, VA 24402, USA. (540)885-0551, as of May 7, 2002.
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